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Natural Beauty

from inside out

swallow's nest
swallow's nest
swallow's nest

Timeless adore

A source of beauty and health cherished by Yang Guifei,

one of the exquisite beauties of the world

EN means encounter in Japanese.
Our exclusive aging care cosmetic with
Golden Swallow’s nest extract will bring optimal health and beauty.

An anti-aging cosmetics brand formulated with a high concentration of solely extract from the golden swallow's nest that contains at least 11% sialic acid.

Formulated with anti-aging components that are effective on the signs of aging that accompany age, including spots, dullness, openingof pores, fine wrinkles, sagging, and others.

The uncompromising approach of Made in Japan. Our cosmetics series is manufactured in the foothills of Mt. Fuji, one of the “100 Exquisite and Well Conserved Waters” of Japan, and drinks are produced in Japan's mecca of water, the Toyama prefecture. Containers are elegant Japanese Gyoku-Opal Glass.

swallow's nest

Chemistry of  Beauty

Functional ingredients contained in swallow's nest extract

Swallow's nest is the richest natural food source of sialic acid on the planet, that's more than 200 times that of royal jelly.

Sialic acid
Sialic acid

・ Enhanced immunity
・ Improved brain functioning
・ Viral resistance
・ Hair restoration action
・ Anticancer activity
・ Inhibits oxidation

Sialic acid, a sugar on the ends of the glycoproteins and glycolipids that reside on the surface of the cells of animals, play the role of an antennae in the conveying of information among cells and the detection of intrusion by foreign substances.


・ Promotion of epithelial cell metabolism
・ Tissue repair action
・ Defects neogenesis action

Epidermal growth factor (EGF) is a physiologically active polypeptide formed of fifty-three amino acids. It is present in blood, urine, saliva, and all other body fluids and contributes to the differentiation and proliferation of a wide range of cells.

Supplying EGF to the skin achieves:
・ Internal cell regulation
・ Furnishing of nutrition to skin tissue cells
・ Promotion of metabolism
・ Faster turnover
・ Neogenesis of new fresh and youthful skin


Mitochondrial import stimulation factor (MSF) is a novel cytoplasmic chaperone protein with a mitochondrial precursor-targeting function. MSF bound to the unfolded pAd and prevented it from losing import competence and also restored the import competence of the aggregated pAd dependent on ATP hydrolysis.


Fibroblast Growth Factors (FGF) is a class of small protein polypeptide chains that have specific actions on the cellular function.  It works hand in hand with hormones, while exerting its own unique properties.
Due to the omnipresence of fibrous tissues in the body, FGF is an important anti-aging tool for skin, heart, brain, nervous system. Also musculo-skeletal system function can be enhanced by FGF.

High quality Golden Swallow’s nest extract improve your natural healing abilities and
promotes renewal of beautiful skin, obvious improvement for winkles and sagging.

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