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Perfect all-day maintenance and total care by improving healing abilities 3% hydrolyzed golden swallow's nest extract.

EN cosmetics contain the highest quality golden swallow’s nest extract. It triggers regeneration of skin cells, moisturizing skin on a cellular level and promoting it to produce collagen and elastin. Golden swallow’s nest extract also promotes healing abilities and enhance cell mediated immunity. It contains the highest percentage of natural sialic acid in the world.

High-functioning anti-aging serum for multiple care, such as lifting, antioxidant, dullness prevention, and anti-pollution, skin brightness, sustaining suppleness and moisture. Hydrolyzed golden swallow’s nest extract,black soybean extract, and membrane-type collagen provide a feminine suppleness, superb protection action and moisture retention that are manifested at skin surface, they control damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, while Japanese rose extract and Fuji bilberry fruit fermentation extract maintain skin brightness.

This product prevents PM2.5 from adhering, reducing skin stress caused by air pollutants.

The skin is wrapped with the fragrance of fresh grapefruit oil and elegant morning-picked
Bulgarian rose oil.

1. Lifting

Improves expression wrinkles caused by the contraction of facial expression muscles.  /Acetyl hexapeptide -8, penta peptide -18

2. Antioxidant

Protects skin from active oxygen damage caused by ultraviolet radiation./Superoxide dismutase, fullerene

3. Hydration

The hydration effect of collagen and hyaluronic acid Na prevents drying of skin during the day. Collagen, having the same triple helix molecular structure as living tissue, forms a fiber membrane that provides long-term retention of large amounts of bound water. Cell renewal is promoted by the EGF action of swallow's nest extract. Black soybean extract provides suppleness from within through estrogenic action.

4. Dullness prevention

Fuji bilberry fruit fermentation extract inhibits the generation of melanin, while hybrid rose flow extract inhibits glycation. Spots and dullness are prevented, maintaining skin brightness.

5. Anti-pollution

Prevents the adherence of cigarette smoke, PM2.5, and heavy metals, which are causes of spots, dullness, and inflammation.

Ingredients that maintain beauty during the day

- Argireline, leuphasy
  (peptides for improving expression wrinkles)
- Superoxide dismutase (antioxidant)
- Fullerene (antioxidant)
- Hydrolyzed soybean extract
  (black soybean) (estrogenic action)
- Hybrid rose flower extract
   (antioxidant, anti-glycation)
- Fuji bilberry fruit fermentation extract
  (tyrosinase activity inhibition)
- Collagen, hyaluronic acid (sustained hydration)
- Alteromonas fermentation extract (PM2.5 adhe-
   rence prevention, heavy metal chelating)


-Grapefruit oil, Bulgarian rose oil

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