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Why swallow's nest?

Swallow's nest has been a focal point for foods

that foster health and beauty since ancient times.

Against a backdrop of deep connections

with producing regions, JOY OF LIFE,

a pioneer in the swallow's nest business of Japan,

supplies your daily lives with swallow's nest of

rigorously controlled quality.

Trustworthy products cherished

throughout the world and featuring

the dependability of Made in Japan, such as

the YUKINOHADA series swallow's nest extract drink

and the EN series high formulation

swallow's nest extract skin care,

will always be there to support

your healthy and beautiful future.

※EN means "encounter" "swallow" "circle-harmonious" etc. in Japanese

Timeless adore

A source of beauty and health cherished by Yang Guifei,

one of the exquisite beauties of the world.

Swallow's nest has been highly regarded as an adored foodstuff since ancient times when science had yet to make advances.

This nest, long a secret source of health and beauty, has continued to draw envious gazes from people.


It was during the Qin era of 221 to 206 BC that, upon ascension to the throne, the emperor Qin Shi Huang sent out his followers to distant lands in search of the elixir of life.

They found swallow's nest, the emperor then ate daily and improved his weak constitution.


We are also told that famous Yang Guifei, one of the exquisite beauties of the world and recipient of the favor of Emperor Xuanzong, also willingly consumed swallow's nest for eternal beauty.


Swallow's nest was not a food readily obtainable by just anybody—it could only be collected from caves in towering cliffs along the coasts of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, which is the reason for a limited supply.

Swallow's nest could only be eaten by the upper classes and some of the wealthy, and as such retains a high assessment of value now and forever.

Chemistry of beauty

Royal jelly, called a super food and known to be good for beautiful skin, is the saliva of honey bee.


Swallow's nest is also made from saliva, that of the swallow. Swallow's nest is the richest natural food source of sialic acid on the planet (containing 10g per 100g), that's more than 200 times that of royal jelly-the second richest source.


Sialic acid is an essential nutrient for the growth of living organisms which is found in human mother's milk/saliva and in cow saliva. It boosts immunity, anti-cancer activity and inhibits oxidation as well as skin beautification.


It protects against the viruses and bacterial pathogens that exist around cells and prevent infection (acne etc.) Also used as a prophylactic against influenza viruses.


Other notable elements are EGF (epidermal growth factor), FGF (fibroblast growth factor) and glucosamine (slow joint degradation). Swallow's nest thus promotes a holistic approach to your health, leading to a natural beauty.


We ensure high quality and stable supply

Our pride as a pioneer


Not just any swallow's nest will do. What is generally referred to as the high-grade food, swallow's nest is the nest made from the saliva of the swallow belonging to the swiftlet genus Collocalia of the swifts family (Apodidae) that inhabits the coastline of Southeast Asia. Even among these, products of JOY OF LIFE, pioneers of the swallow's nest business in Japan, use only the nest of golden swallow, which is made solely from saliva.


Over ten regions in three countries have been investigated as areas of swallow's nest production. Japanese staff regularly visits swallow's nest houses to conduct strict quality checks. Swallow's nest house is a tall building made similer to caves in the cliff.


We introduce swallow's couple to the house to make nest and breeding. This makes nests cleaner and secure the life of chicks because we take nest after chicks left.


This allows us to import unprocessed nests.

We use only 100% pure golden swallow's nest so as to maintain the nourishing and replenishing effect to human body.


Another factor in enabling the continuous supply of high quality swallow's nest is the direct management as a nest house owner in the production regions.

Natural beauty from inside out

The uncompromising approach of Made in Japan

Technology and know-how for all nutrients thoroughly extracted

To make the most of the super power of swallow's nest, JOY OF LIFE is constantly engaged in the development of drinks, cosmetics, and other products that utilize the swallow's nest and in their quality improvement. It is frequently the case that chemicals used in the cleaning process wash away swallow's nest nutrients. Also, because of low water solubility, even if ground into small pieces or gelatinized, consumed product fails to be digested and most of nutrients are expelled outside the body. JOY OF LIFE imports non-processed fresh swallow's nest in its natural condition, and have succeeded in using an originally developed enzymolysis technology to break down and extract constituents at the nano level. This has enabled to improve absorbability therefore all the nutrients originally found in swallow's nest was completely absorbed into our body. Moreover, the JOY OF LIFE cosmetic series is manufactured in the foothills of Mt. Fuji, one of the “100 Exquisite and Well Conserved Waters” of Japan, and drinks are produced in Japan's mecca of water, the Toyama prefecture. Containers are elegant Japanese Gyogu-Opal Glass. JOY OF LIFE takes an uncompromising approach to delivering the high quality of made in Japan.

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