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Amazing balm-type cleansing cream made from rosehip oil, sunflower oil and other fine quality vegetable oils, it completely removes makeup and pore dirt without stressing the skin. It can also be used in massage, during which the synergy with its blood circulation promoting ingredient boosts the detoxification effect. Japanese sake extract contains various amino acids and organic acids whose peeling action promotes skin clarity.

Seven specially selected herbs also provide such effects as antioxidant, anti-inflammation, and immunoregulation, bringing balance and revitalizing damaged skin.

This is a cleansing cream for resetting the rhythm of your skin.Our special technology can combine cleansing and treatment function. It provides six effects, pore dirt removal, keratin peeling, immunostimulation, blood circulation improvement, antioxidant, and cell activation. It changes from solid body to liquid when it's heated up by hands. Fresh fragrance, which comes from a natural essential oil complex, is soothing and relaxing while massaging. Synthetic essence nonuse, Coloring agent nonuse, mineral oil nonuse, Ethanol nonuse, Plant system surfactant use.

Removes excess keratin along with makeup and pore dirt and adjusts the balance of damaged skin by promoting blood circulation and effecting immunostimulation. This product supports the power generated by resetting the skin.




Dissolves and completely removes pore dirt.

Keratin peeling : Japanese sake extract contains natural moisturizing factor amino acids and polypeptides. It also has also lactic acid and malic acid, produced by fermenting malted rice and yeast. While hydrating old keratin, organic acids remove it. Cell renewal is stimulated.


Blood circulation promotion : Citrus unshiu peel extract works by maintaining strong and healthy capillaries.


Immunostimulation: A seven-herb complex ingredient provides antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immunoregulatory effects. It inhibits inflammation and itching associated with cytokines. It is also effective for such skin disorders as atopic dermatitis and acne.



Cell activation: Once excess old keratin is removed, the EGF action of swallow’s nest extract promotes cell renewal, leading to smooth skin.

*Exclusive cleansing balm removes facial make up but please remove eye make prior to using the balm.

- Hydrolyzed swiftlet's nest extract (cell regeneration)

Concept ingredient

Skin balance regulation ingredients

- Rice bran oil (emollient)
- Rosehip oil (emollient)
- Rice fermentation liquid (peeling action, chelate effect,
   blood circulation promotion)
- Extracts of centella asiatica, scutellaria root, Japanese
   knotweed root, licorice root, tea leaf, and rosemary leaf
   (anti-inflammation, antioxidant, immunoregulation)
- Citrus unshiu peel extract (blood circulation promotion)
- Saccharomyces/bilberry fruit fermentation extract
   (skin beautification)


- Grapefruit, orange, lavender, clove, ginger

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